Haunted House Yaşar BODUR 01 January 2008
 There Is Nobody Around Tek GUL 07 May 2006
 Aurore Uğur HALICI 17 April 2006
 The Secret Eda Hancı AZİZOĞLU 01 January 2006
 The Image Of Myself Without Me Eda Hancı AZİZOĞLU 05 September 2005
 2 Stories (Balkan Literature) Georgi GOSPODINOV 09 June 2003
 Hikers Chudomir 20 May 2003
 3 Stories (Balkan Literature) Alek POPOV 02 April 2003
 Darkness and Light Babür ALBAYRAK 21 December 2002
 Angel of Angles Uğur HALICI 23 October 2001
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